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Trust. You will be taken care of..

Today, I realized just how much sending out my intentions into the universe, before there was The Secret (or before I ever saw it), before I ever even heard of The Desire Map, has transformed my life.

I needed to get out of the abusive clutch of my mother. I escaped, secretly, with literally the clothes on my back and some of my dorm room, to New Jersey (from Buffalo, NY) a day after graduation.

Then, later, when I was in an abusive relationship and finally broke up with my ex, I focused on the need of a good job and a new place to live. I had a goal of new job NOW and new place to live by Dec. 1.. literally two weeks after breaking up with him I got a new job, and two weeks after that [Oct. 1] I secured a new place I could move into mid-October.

Education received a huge hit in NJ in 2010, and I lost my position. I was on unemployment, depressed as anything. Finally, I was sick of it, and decided I was going to graduate school. I would go to grad school and I would leave NJ forever. I hated NJ and I wanted to get out.

I applied to the MAT program in Salem, Oregon. A week after I applied, I was accepted with a small scholarship. Five months later, somehow on an unemployment of $1000 a month with rent costing $850 a month, I moved to Oregon with Leo.

I went through grad school. I wanted to teach after graduating since it is my passion. In the horrible teaching job market in Oregon, I went on 13 interviews, and received TWO offers, one of which I accepted.

In Oregon, I decided I deserved love, and started letting go of a negative semi but not relationship I was in (long story). Just as I was letting go, I met Robby. I realized I needed to move to Alaska. I moved within five months of deciding, once again. I even shipped my car this time, and I kept many of my books.

I wanted to teach, and let it go out into the universe to let me find the job that is right for me. Here I am, teaching BOTH Science and Language Arts, like I always had hoped to do, but figured would never actually happy.

All through these experiences, back right around when I broke up with the abusive ex, I started doing intentions with the universe at the full moon. Always asking and sending my energy to the universe for what I deserved. And once I learned to let go and accept life as it comes in its roller coaster (but, while still working at what I deserved and love), I receive so much abundance from the universe. I am sheltered. I am loved. I trust.

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