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Eleventh Stack

I recently received a listing of “Books to Look Out For” for the upcoming year. So of course, I immediately requested all of the books from the library (I like being able to cross books off a list). I found it interesting that all of the books on the lists are the first book in a series. I picked the top three that I’ve read off the list because they are good reads and even though they are new, and readers will have to wait for the upcoming books, it is a worthwhile wait. And if you can’t stand the wait, most of the authors have other series and books published.

Hidden Cover

     Hidden by Marianne Curley is about a young girl that has been sheltered all her life. She starts out being home-schooled but finally convinces her parents to let her go to the public school. During…

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Rapid Fire

Rapid fire time..

What do I do.. even though I don’t want to?

Talk to my mom and brother. (Lots of family issues) Give too much of myself at my job. Care what my mom thinks of me and my life. Play politics of teaching. Temper parts of myself so that I provide the best image in certain situations. Play nice with people I would rather not see of deal with at all. Stay late at work to get stuff done.

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Prompt #8 : Superpower

If you were a superhero, what would your power be?

If I’m going based off real life, regeneration. I heal quickly and I overheal more often than not. I am still convinced that I did break something in my leg when I fell because of the pain, but I instinctively invited Universal energy in to take care of me and heal me.

Oh, and teaching. Definitely a superpower.

If it was something I can’t do in real life, it would be teleportation. One of things I want to do in my life is to travel more.. and saving on travel would rock. Plus I could scare the shit out of people. 😉

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Core Desire Feelings action plans

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Rapid Fire!

Rapid Fire!

What do I do, most naturally…

Connect with people. Teach anyone or anything. Connect with nature. Cook amazingly. Know what herb or stone vibrates with what is needed. Know what someone needs when they need it. Heal. Nurture. Love with every ounce of my being. Create things with my hands and my mind’s eye.

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Daily Prompt: Progress

Daily Prompt: Progress

When you look back at your blog on January 26, 2015, what would you like to see?

I would like to see writing and creations. I have a desire to be artistic, but I tend to allow the big bad world to take away my energy and I stop writing, or drawing, or taking photographs, or making things. I want to see myself writing, at the very least, and writing bits that are worthwhile, at least to me.

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Prompt #7 : Limits

We often learn about our limits the hard way. Were there any limits you realized this past year? Alternately, what self-imposed limits were you able to move beyond this year?

More physical.. like I love to take walks, but I really need to be more careful about slipping and tripping and falling because my right leg really shouldn’t take any more injuries, otherwise I’ll tear up my ligaments and tendons around my knee and ankle. They are getting stronger, and I have been able to push myself a bit with the steepness of what I can walk, but it will never be perfect.

I also need to take care to get enough sleep particularly when I am stressed. This helps to prevent me from getting sick.

I have been letting work overwhelm me. I need to take time for myself, and just read, or write, or create something, alone. I am an introvert, and I tend to use myself up while teaching, and then just veg brainlessly. Vegging doesn’t recharge me.

Self imposed limits.. I continue to push beyond those emotional and mental limits that I self-impose, thanks to early programming in a dysfunctional family. I have gone well beyond what I thought I had courage to do and here I am, happy and thriving, in love and free to be me.

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My Core Desired Feelings

I threw the only five to the wind. I am me. I am infinite. I don’t need those boundaries. 😉

In any case, these are my desired feelings I will focus on.

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Trust. You will be taken care of..

Today, I realized just how much sending out my intentions into the universe, before there was The Secret (or before I ever saw it), before I ever even heard of The Desire Map, has transformed my life.

I needed to get out of the abusive clutch of my mother. I escaped, secretly, with literally the clothes on my back and some of my dorm room, to New Jersey (from Buffalo, NY) a day after graduation.

Then, later, when I was in an abusive relationship and finally broke up with my ex, I focused on the need of a good job and a new place to live. I had a goal of new job NOW and new place to live by Dec. 1.. literally two weeks after breaking up with him I got a new job, and two weeks after that [Oct. 1] I secured a new place I could move into mid-October.

Education received a huge hit in NJ in 2010, and I lost my position. I was on unemployment, depressed as anything. Finally, I was sick of it, and decided I was going to graduate school. I would go to grad school and I would leave NJ forever. I hated NJ and I wanted to get out.

I applied to the MAT program in Salem, Oregon. A week after I applied, I was accepted with a small scholarship. Five months later, somehow on an unemployment of $1000 a month with rent costing $850 a month, I moved to Oregon with Leo.

I went through grad school. I wanted to teach after graduating since it is my passion. In the horrible teaching job market in Oregon, I went on 13 interviews, and received TWO offers, one of which I accepted.

In Oregon, I decided I deserved love, and started letting go of a negative semi but not relationship I was in (long story). Just as I was letting go, I met Robby. I realized I needed to move to Alaska. I moved within five months of deciding, once again. I even shipped my car this time, and I kept many of my books.

I wanted to teach, and let it go out into the universe to let me find the job that is right for me. Here I am, teaching BOTH Science and Language Arts, like I always had hoped to do, but figured would never actually happy.

All through these experiences, back right around when I broke up with the abusive ex, I started doing intentions with the universe at the full moon. Always asking and sending my energy to the universe for what I deserved. And once I learned to let go and accept life as it comes in its roller coaster (but, while still working at what I deserved and love), I receive so much abundance from the universe. I am sheltered. I am loved. I trust.

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The Desire Map : Rapid Fire Starting!

What is different about me…

I am very self aware. I do energy work. I am an old soul. I am highly intelligent.. and if you believe the IQ score from when I was in middle school, genius level. I can read a book in one sitting. I am highly creative. I resonate with nature, trees in particularly, and the moon. I am an empath. I can sense emotions and spirits. I can tell things – present and future. My intuition is very strong and very spot on. I am fucking amazing at anything I love and have passion for. I am passionate.

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