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Reaffirmations that I am truly meant to be a teacher:

After only two days of knowing me, students are telling the principal and counselors how much they love me and want to switch to have science and language arts with me.

1. The kids are amazed that I make eye contact and truly listen/pay attention when they speak to me. Apparently they haven’t had a lot of teachers that do that.. they told the counselor that I must be a counselor not a teacher. haha

2. They have told the principal how, “She’s strict, but I think she’s really nice too!” [My principal told me this while fist pumping a “yes!!”

3. The counselor has told the principal they need to figure out a way to clone me so they can have more teachers like me.

4. The students themselves have told me they love my classes. A few students today told me they really had fun making foldables to start the poetry unit.

5. They also have no issues with being disrespectful to me when I try to talk and they will shush each other to get everyone quieted down. Seriously, I had them trained for that THE FIRST DAY within the first half of the class period, somehow.

My heart is full and happy today. 🙂

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