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New Year Revolution : Getting To Know Me!

Revolution in the New Year!


I am… dreamer, lover, wife, friend, pet momma, teacher, student, adventurer, free spirit, explorer, artist, reader, writer, technophile, poet, me.

I value… life, love, trust, mother earth, nature, friends, children, students, teaching, passion, spirituality, freedom, being true to myself.

I believe… in being true to myself, in earth based spirituality, that we are all connected, in sending out the most positive energy you can, in energy healing such as Reiki, in using nature to heal yourself, that life is a learning experience for our souls, that we live multiple lifetimes in order to continue growing, our life is just reflection of what is beyond, in my dreams, in myself, in my intuition, in the universal energy which we are all part of, in the future.

I want to be more… active, trusted and respected, uninhibited, courageous, full of energy and stamina, open, intuitive, joyful, fertile, in charge, secure, stable, uncluttered, relaxed, nourished, trusting, rested, heard, understood, appreciated and at peace.

I want to be less… in pain, scared, overwhelmed, misunderstood, tired, unhealthy, sore, stressed.

I want to feel… passionately and unabashedly me.

I am ready for change. This year, the main thing I want to transform in my life is… how I procrastinate on most things I want to finish or accomplish.

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A friend sent this to me..

A friend sent this to me..

For my first day in a new teaching job

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January 6, 2014 · 1:10 am